Proud to be a Lumbee

William French Lowery ''Proud to be a Lumbee''

This album is dedicated to all Lumbee youths. It compliments the many Lumbee leaders and encourages Native American youths to strive for success while preserving and developing their traditional culture.

Lumbee people are traditionally farmers, but we have also aspired to national recognition in every profession. Our people number over 50,000 and are concentrated along the Lumbee River in and around Robeson County, in southeastern North Carolina.

During the Civil War, our ancestors rose to prominence when Henry Berry Lowry, a hero and legendary outlaw, rebelled against racist authorities to protect the rights of Indian people. One of the greatest factors in Lumbee achievement was our establishment of the first Native American four-year college in America in 1885. This college is located in Pembroke, NC. Today it is a member of North Carolina's system of public universities and educates over 8,000 students.

Our greatest ally in the struggle for our survival is the Lumbee River and the fertile land around it. This unique environment protected our ancestors and now nourishes our children for a bright future.

The Lumbee people are the original inhabitants of eastern North Carolina. Our roots go deep in the soil of our homeland. The land belongs to us and we belong to the land.

Willie French Lowery: lead vocals, backup vocals, guitar, bass, percussion
Miriam Oxendine: lead vocals, piano

Track Listings:
01. Proud to be a Lumbee Indian (2:10)
02. Old Main (3:00)
03. Lumbee Homecoming (1:13)
04. Little Lumbee Baby (1:32)
05. Lumbee Indian Child (2:16)
06.Lumbee Leaders (5:09)
07. This World You Know God Made It (3:27)
08. Henry and Rhoda's Love Song (1:38)
09. Rowing Down the Lumbee River (1:32)
10. Henry Berry Lowery is My Hero (1:38)
11. Let Us Meet Where the Rivers Run Cold (3:07)

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