Northwest Coast Sun earrings

Northwest Coast Sun earrings.

Sterling Silver.

Measures aproximately 1.75'' from top of hook.

Handcrafted by artist Don Lancaster.

Released from a box by Raven, the Sun Chief inhabited the sky and it was believed he could be reached by climbing a chain of arrows. He descended by sliding down its long rays. The Sun is often carved on totem poles and masks, and sits atop the tallest totem in the world (Alert Bay, British Columbia). It represents life abundance and its warmth radiates healing and peace.

The addition of fins or flippers indicates that the animal is the mythical Sea Wolf known to many peoples as Wasgo.

Many myths and legends surround the eagle. They often play the role of messenger to and from the spiritual realms. Eagle down, a symbol of peace and friendship is sprinkled before guests in welcome dances and on other ceremonial occasions. Eagle feathers were used in rituals and worn on masks and headdresses. Eagle is one of the main two Haida crests and many families of the coast still own or inherit the right to dance and display the image of this mighty creature.

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